Friday, November 22, 2013

Rome/Assisi Day 1

Our Rome/Assisi Pilgrimage started Friday morning with loads and loads of laundry to rid my clothes of lice. I spent the day doing homework, packing, and combing hair. Friday Night we boarded the bus at 7:30 (me and Elizabeth were first to get on!) and got in the back row. We made our selves at home and got ready for a 14 hour bus ride. I had already taken Dramamine because they said the first two hours would be driving through the curvy Alps which makes students who normally don’t get car sick, sick, and I was getting sleep just waiting to leave. They gave everybody bags to put over their seat if they had lice so we didn’t contaminate the bus, but they said they could double for car sickness bags. Once we left, they made a few announcements and then started the rosary. By the fourth decade, I could not keep my eyes open and I was sitting against the window thinking, “I’m so tired.”

I think I remember making it through the whole rosary and then I was out cold. I woke up just about every hour on the hour and shifted positions, but I slept for most of the way. I got off and got some air when we stopped after two hours, but then I fell asleep again as soon as we started moving. Elizabeth laid down on the floor, so I put my feet up on the seat next to me. It was so comfortable (well, not as comfortable as a bed, but better than the Poland trip). We stopped at a few more rest stops, but I slept through them. 

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