Friday, November 22, 2013

Rome/Assisi Day 2

At about 6:45 on Saturday, we stopped for an hour and got off to use the bathroom and get some breakfast. We were back on the road by 8am and I slept again until about 9:30.
We arrived at our hotel before 11am and got all checked in. Of the 15 hours we spent on the bus, I slept for about 12 hours. I think the combination of the Dramamine and pulling 18 hour days all week (and not sleeping in my bed) because of the lice epidemic completely knocked me out. At the hotel, I combed two heads and then got my head combed before we headed out to get some lunch. Elizabeth, Becca, and I stopped at the first pizza shop we came across (no worries, if we passed it, we would have come across about 15,000 more before we crossed the next street!) and got some food. I couldn’t remember the translation of metric weight to pounds, so I accidentally told the lady I wanted 100 pounds of cheese pizza. She knew what I meant though and gave a good size peace. It was so delicious! I literally could eat it every day and not get tired of it!
We ate our pizza on the way to the metro where we hopped on to go see some sights. We walked down the Circus Maximus and then we stopped at St. Anastasia. Then we went over and saw the outside of the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine. It was so amazing to see these places that have been there for so long! We walked around the outside of the Roman Forum and went up and down some famous steps (but I can’t remember what they were called). We saw their tomb of the unknown soldier, and then visited the church of St. Martina. We decided to meander back towards the Metro and stopped at another church on the way.

When we got off the Metro, we went to the church Santa Galla for Mass with the FUS crew. It was totally awesome to be all together and starting our pilgrimage with Mass. After Mass, we came back to the Hotel Caravel for dinner. We had bread and lasagna, then roast beef and salad, and then some vanilla pudding/flan something-er-other for dessert. Mr. Pipp made some announcements then I headed up to my room for some sleep. 

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