Monday, December 16, 2013


Finals. That is all.

But seriously, the weekend of December 6-8th was our last weekend in Gaming. It actually started on December 5th because it was a reading day. We had “breakfast under the stars” on Thursday where the professors made breakfast for us at 8pm. They made the best potatoes EVER and they also had sausage, eggs, waffles, real milk, and real maple syrup…all served by the friars, the professors, and the Kartause families. It was so much fun!
Friday was an entire day of just studying for tests.
Saturday morning I studied and went to Mass and then in the afternoon, I had my History test. I felt like I nailed it except for two questions.
Sunday I studied, went to Mass, and studied.
Yep. Welcome to the life of a college student during finals.

Sleep? Non-existent. 

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