Sunday, October 20, 2013

Adventures with the Pipps - Week 1

         September 26th was my first time doing ministry to moms with the Pipps. I went over with Betiale and was introduced to all six of the Pipp children. Their names are David - 15, John - 13, Daniel - 10, Joshua - 7, Gianna - 5, and Damien – 1.5…and they all look alike so it’s great fun to try (key word: try) to keep them straight! Mrs. Pipp invited us to stay for dinner because the AMDG guys were coming over and they were having Chili. I don’t know any of the AMDG guys, but Betiale does so we decided to stay. I helped Daniel do his homework and then helped David tidy up the house. Then I watched Daniel and Joshua build a lego helicopter while they were supposed to be watching Damien. Needless to say the lego helicopter took priority in their mind so I kept Damien busy.
          All the Pips who go to confession decided to go so Mrs. Pipp left me and Betiale at the house to make cookies with Joshua, Gianna, and Damien. The AMDG guys showed up before Mr. and Mrs. Pipp came back, so Betiale and I entertained them. The chili was so delicious and Mrs. Pipp had made homemade cornbread with Pooh butter – honey and butter like Pooh bear.

          It was so much fun to be around a family and Mrs. Pipp kept apologizing because Damien was fussy and Joshua wasn’t listening at all. I told her that I have seven younger siblings so I’ve seen it all and not to worry. She was relieved and then very impressed when I told her that they’re all homeschooled. She said she has a lot of respect for my mom for being able to do that! 

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