Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Second Weekend in Gaming

The weekend of October 25-27 I decided to stay back because I needed to catch up on sleep lost over ten day followed by being sick and I had two papers to write. I went to bed at 8pm on Thursday night and didn’t wake up until 7am the next morning. It was wonderful! I sat up and started writing my Nursing Philosophy and almost missed breakfast because I was on such a role defining Person and Health. After breakfast I put my pajamas back on and got back in bed and kept writing about Environment and Nursing. I was late for Mass because I lost track of the time and at 11:55am realized Mass started in ten minutes and I wasn’t dressed and hadn’t brushed my hair.
After lunch, Hana, Cheris, Rose and I went for a walk behind the Kartause and did some photo shoots of each other in sunlight with the pretty fall colors behind us. It was a perfect day because the sunlight was warm but the air was crisp and refreshing. I came back to my room, put my pajamas back on and got back in bed to keep writing my Nursing Philosophy. I took a fifteen minute nap and then started writing my term paper for Human Person.
I went to dinner with Rose and Cheris and then Cheris and I stopped by the RD office to ask Scott if we could have a bonfire. He said he would set the wood out for us at 7:30 so we could have our fire at 8pm. By the time Cheris, Hana, Rose and I got out there, Scott and Matt had already started the fire so they hung out with us while some of us had chocolate or peach wine. Angela and Amelia joined us and when Scott left, we all sat up on the stone wall and sang songs and told creepy stories. It was a perfect night for a bonfire because the air was cool but the fire was blazing hot and there was a thick mist that slowly descended on the Kartause.   
Saturday morning I was up at 7:30 to go to breakfast in order to make communion fast for 9am Mass. I did homework the rest of the morning until lunch and then did homework all afternoon. After dinner I did a little more homework and then tried to go to sleep at 8:30. Rose and Cheris came and knocked on my door around 8:45 to invite me to eat apple pie with them and the LCI students. It was super delicious! I got back to bed around 9:30, but with the EU time change, it was really 8:30.
Sunday morning I was up at 6:30 but it felt like 7:30 because it was already light out. I did homework until 11 when I had to go meet Shannon’s mom and grandma who were coming in with some other parents. I ended up handing out roses to all the moms who came. After brunch I did homework until Mass at 3:00. When Mass was over, Rose, Hana, and Cheris went over to the creek with me so I could jump in since I hadn’t creek jumped yet. It was really cold but it was totally worth it! Hana and Cheris also jumped in and we called in the Princess Jump because we were all in our Sunday clothes. 
When Marissa came back from her travels, we tried to go find her parents. We looked for them in the Keller and then we went to the hotel desk to call their room. No one was there, so we had to figure this out on our own. It was a good thing we had both read Nancy Drew growing because we knew what to do in this situation. One of us watched the door to the Keller while the other one stood on tip toe to look at the room sheet that was laying on top of the desk. We found their last name and room number (see, recreational reading does pay off!) and then went up to their room. They weren't there, so we went and ate in the Mensa and then went back to check the Keller. We found them eating with another couple so we sat with them an visited. It was quite a nice evening.

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