Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lourdes - Day 9

Saturday morning I was up at 4:30am so that I could finish packing and catch a taxi at 5:30. We had our last French breakfast (thank goodness!) and then Angela, Mike, Fr. Matt, and I all left in the taxi. We waited at the airport for a few hours and then got ready to board our plane. I was falling asleep while we were waiting at the boarding gate so once we got on the plane and took off, I fell asleep. I kept jerking awake because I guess my body still thought it had to stay awake. We landed in London and then we had to go through immigration. The officer asked me a zillion questions and then asked Angela and Mike one question and stamped their passports. He asked me a few more questions and I was convinced that he wasn't going to let me through, but then he stamped my boarding pass and let us go. We had a four hour layover so we ate at the same café we sat at during our last layover.
Our last flight was fifteen minutes early which gave us enough time to get a taxi and make it to the train station on time. We purchased our tickets and boarded the train but when the ticket collector came around, she told us we had the wrong tickets. We were on the right train, but we had bought an OBB ticket not a Wien Westbanhof ticket. None of us had known there was a difference, but she was so nice and explained our options to us and then sold us a ticket to stay on the train.
There was a little boy on the seat in front of me and he was so adorable. I couldn’t get him to smile at me but after about half an hour, he started playing with me through his reflection in the window. By the time we reached our station, he was laughing and giggling and finally smiling at me! It was too cute and his parents got a kick out of it too.

All the rest of our connections went smoothly and we finally arrived back in Gaming at 9:44pm. We were so happy to be back safe and sound! 

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