Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lourdes - Day 1

Ten Day break started on October 11. Angela and I got on the bus outside the Kartause at 7:06 and we were on our way to Lourdes. Finally. We were with a group of four other girls who were headed to London as well, so we all stuck together until we arrived in London.
          We made all our train connections and I actually got tickets for all the trains I rode. Imagine that! Ha! Instead of sleeping, I did some homework on the trains to get ahead in writing assignments. It was snowing when we got to Salzburg so it was freezing cold but it was so pretty! Anyways, we got to the London airport five hours before our flight left, so we got some lunch and hung out in the café until bag drop opened so we could get our boarding passes stamped. After we got our passes stamped, we went through security and then waited to board our plane. Mike D’Amico showed up and left his bag with all of us girls, but then we walked off and wasn’t back by the time we were boarding the plane. We didn’t think he was going to make it, but apparently he was one of the last people to board. Thank goodness!
          The flight went very smoothly. It was a cloudy day so once we were above the clouds, it was very sunny. It looked like we were flying over the Antarctic because the clouds were so fluffy they looked like snow and the sky was blue above them.
          We went through immigration just fine and then found a café to eat dinner. I had this super delicious ham and sharp white cheddar cheese sandwich on a baguette. We talked for a while and then I took a two hour nap leaning on the table while Angela watched our stuff. When I woke up, I got some tea because of course you have to have tea when you’re in London! Then we moved to the bag drop area and Angela stretched out on the floor to sleep while I watched our stuff.
          We had some breakfast at 3am at the same café and then went to the bag drop to get our boarding passes stamped. We made it through security just fine and waited for an hour and a half before we could board our plane. 

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