Sunday, October 20, 2013

Adventures with the Pipps - Week 2

          On October 3rd, Betaile was not able to go to the Pipps, so I went by myself. Mrs. Pipp asked me if I would take the kids to the park which I agreed to do but then I told her I didn’t know how to get there. Of course the kids knew how to get there so I just followed them. The boys rode their bikes and Gianna walked with me while I pushed Damien in his little bike/stroller.
          They played in the park with the local kids for about an hour until David had had enough and told them all we were going back. We headed back and within two minutes of the ten minute walk back, Damien was fast asleep. I pulled him out of his bike and carried him while Gianna pushed his bike/stroller back. We put him in his crib when we got home and the boys went outside or in the basement to play with the other Kartause families. Gianna and I went outside so she could jump on the trampoline and then we woke Damien up from his nap.

          We took him outside and Gianna and Joshua played with the Carenno boy on their front porch. Mrs. Pipp was supposed to be back around 4pm, but it was going on 4:45 before she came back. She was so apologetic and said she was mortified that she had accidentally stayed so long at Ms. Schofield’s house. I told her not to worry and that I’d been having a great time with the kids. I helped her start dinner for their family while we talked about the most random things and then I headed back to the Kartause around 5:15. 

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